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Define your Healthy Life Goal and search for the Natural availability of sources. In the current situation, we were so much into using alcohol-based Hand sanitizers, which are very harmful to the skin. They dry the skin on our hands and kill Good bacteria. 

When you wake up early morning with natural bird sounds and early morning smooth chill fresh air, how do you feel? When you feel this, your subconscious mind will tell, this is not possible, why think about it? But actually, it is possible in many different ways.

Without compromising our lifestyle if we support nature, then nature also will do vice versa.

1. Use Leftover Skins of  Vegetables and Fruits to make Multi-Purpose Liquid
Yes, we can use Leftover Fruits and Vegetables to prepare Multipurpose Liquid just in three steps.
This process called Bio Enzyme. Just three Ingredient to Make this and you can use them for washing Utensils, Clothes, Skincare, Pet care, and Haircare also.
Initially, you may feel uncomfortable moving away from commercial washing liquid. However, as soon as if you read about the ingredients list and their side effect in the long term, I am sure, you will.

2. Start Making Milk in Home
Instead of buying Packet or Canned Cow Milk, you can make milk from Coconut, Ground Nut, and Whole Moong Dal and you can use it.
I am not asking you to stop drinking Milk, if you have a source of fresh milk here that directly comes from the country cow, then you can use it.

If not, then set having one glass of coconut milk with Jaggery every day as your lifestyle goal.

3. Homemade Soap and Paste
In your daily life, soap is something essential, but something that is underqualified in quality and importance. Soap is simple to make in a natural friendly way.

You can also customize your soap accordingly to your skin and atmosphere. You can start making Home Made Tooth Paste using Herb and Neem sticks, a healthier option and pocket-friendly at the same time.

4. Natural Sweet Instead of White sugar

Many natural sweet sources are available – like Dates, Jaggery, Palm Jaggery, and Coconut Jaggery.
The above item can be easily made in homes and can share with neighbors as a business, This way we are not dependent on the big chemical suppliers (white sugar manufacturers).

If you cross the place of Jaggery manufacturer, you can feel the good authentic smell, where you feel like standing there for at least 5 minutes.

However, if you stand in front of a sugar factory the first time, you start feeling like vomiting. Because of that bad smell, you can feel as if you are crossing a white sugar factory.

5. Start taking Fireless Food

Are you surprised to hear this?  Yes, many of you must be shocked. There are many dishes available, which are very much healthy and tasty, and need no fire or heating. 
Some of such dishes are:
– Sugar cane Juice + Flattened rice Mixer – ( heavenly in taste)
– Coconut Piece + Dates (You feel like eating chocolate which is better the commercial shop chocolate)
– Carrot + Lemon Juice + Pepper – ( If you are tempted to eat spicy food)
– Peanuts soaked with Coconut

You can try and create many more varieties as per your taste bud and interest. Do share those non-cooked items, which you tried. Do share your comments about the fire-less food lie style.
Share the above methods with your neighbors and mutually you can share as a win-win business, where many indirect costs are eliminated and both sides get good quality at a low cost.


About the Author: Sumathi Sasikumar blogs about the Organic Lifestyle. Visit her blog at

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