Law of Attraction – Does it Work?


The Law of Attraction is a fascinating concept which most people embrace with passion and hopefulness. Even if you have only skimmed the surface of this great Universal Law you will have seen some signs that clearly indicate it exists. But are you fully utilizing this powerful Universal Principle and living the life of your dreams yet?


A great truth of the Universe that many know but few truly understand is that we bring about, whatever it is we think about. Your thoughts are creating your very reality because your feelings are attracting and creating your thoughts.


“We bring about, whatever it is we think about.”

A Universal Law

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law. It is unbending in its operation. If used correctly and consciously it can be a blessing, a benefactor, a guide, and a guardian. However, if used incorrectly it can be a punishing tyrant that brings discord, hurt and pain. When first introduced to this law, one embraces it with passion and hopefulness. The knowledge that you have power over your own life is truly exhilarating. However, have you been able to completely utilize this law to your own personal advantage? Have you started to attract to you those things that were out of reach before you knew it? Probably not!

I will set out for you a guide and give you the necessary tools needed to begin reaping the truly wondrous fruits that the Law of Attraction brings. It is true: You can have anything and everything you have ever wanted but you need the knowledge of how to attain them.

You have heard it said that “knowledge is power” but it is only powerful when it is used. Knowledge is useless if it sits in a book that has never been read. Likewise, the knowledge that is not used is the same as ignorance. So do not just read this article – apply the techniques that are given in it. Your life will change dramatically and it will change for the better!

If you have tried to use the Law of Attraction before only to experience disappointment or failure, take heart. You are about to learn the how-to of manifesting. I will show you how to develop key attraction skills. From here you can truly build for yourself a new more successful life.


What is Missing in your approach to the Law of Attraction?

There are a few key factors that are missing in a normal person’s approach to the Law of Attraction.

1. Most people fail to Get Specific.

They have a vague notion of what they want. For instance “I want to be rich”, “I want a new car” or “I want a relationship”. What size of house do you want? In what neighbourhood is that house? Is it red brick or painted white? What colour is the carpet etc.? How much money does it take to be rich and you should realise that there is no shortage of new cars but who makes the one you want and what colour does it come in? Be as specific about the outcome as you can be. Fact! – If you get really specific about your outcome (not how you will get it but the thing itself) then the quicker you see results.


2. Many People think they Know the ‘How’ and ‘When’ their dreams will manifest.

Many people think they know the ‘How’ and ‘When’ the best way to manifest their dreams and the best time frame for it to happen. Leave that up to the Universe. It knows how best to manifest your desires and it knows how to do it a lot faster than you do. Get very specific about your desire, down to intricate details, but be very flexible about the way in which that desire will manifest! Don’t say “I want a new house by next week”. This is ambiguous and demanding.

Be specific about the type of house, its location, colour, decor, furnishing, number of rooms, gardens etc. Then release the how’s and when’s and let the Universe deliver it! This does not mean you should not or can not create some kind of plan that will lead to your desire. Having a plan is taking action.

Taking action opens up channels of distribution that the Universe can use to deliver your goal. However, do not get caught up in the how’s of your dreams. Many people forget what the aim is and end up being far too focused on achieving the plan! Do follow a plan but be open and flexible to change.

Your plan is merely a vehicle through which your desire can manifest, it is NOT your goal! Ensure that you are fully open to receiving your goal through whatever channel it may come. The Universe is infinite and there is an infinite number of ways the Universe could send your desire to you.


3. Failure to generate the required Emotion when Visualizing

A cause of failure, to achieve results with the Law of Attraction, for many, lies in the failure to generate the required emotion when visualising, affirming or just thinking about their desire. They have a false belief that by just visualizing for a short time they can magically produce their dreams from thin air. This is not the case! You must evoke the feelings that are associated with your desire. Why do you want that new home? Why do you desire that particular car, in that specific colour? Imagine how it will feel to receive the thing you are asking for and start to feel that way now!

When visualizing your results, do so with positive emotions and keep out any negative emotions like “I can’t”. Visualize as if you have already achieved the result, and repeat the affirmations often.


4. Action is Necessary

You must take some action. Action is necessary. This entire Universal vibrating energy is an “ocean of motion”, “in which we live, move and have our being”. The world is continually changing on a second by second basis. In order to receive what you want you must change also.

You must align yourself with your desire. Take some small steps towards your goal, even if it is just test-driving that new car or looking for a new home. You are sending out a very strong and clear message to the Universe that you expect to receive what you are asking for. When you receive creative insights about how you might help in the manifestation of your desires, act on those inner urges immediately!

Now many times in my own life I have developed a plan to achieve, manifest or attract something. Once I have got clear on exactly what I wanted I would begin the manifestation process and start using the Law of Attraction to bring it to me. On every occasion when I have failed to take some action I would not manifest my desire. However, on every occasion when I took, even extremely small steps, towards my goal I received what I had asked for.

Many sceptics, that do not believe in the law of Attraction, may say that they only received the thing because they worked so hard to get it and followed their plan. To those people, I say this – millions of people set goals but very few of them achieve them! Use the Law of Attraction and you will see that you reach your goals ALL OF THE TIME.

The all occasions “coincidences” would occur that allowed opportunities to fall into my lap and a great many times, when I would be working on a detailed plan to achieve my objective, I would receive the manifestation through a completely unexpected and unrelated source. This is the law of attraction at work when you unexpectedly attract people, resources, and opportunities like a magnet.

Taking action is mostly a sign of faith on your part. You are showing the Universe that you are serious in your intent and you are willing to meet It halfway. So follow the steps above. Put them into practice and take little steps forward every day and your life will be unrecognisable in the not too distant future.

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