What are Bots?

What is a Bot

BOT is short for a robot. However, unlike robots who perform physical tasks, bots are automated programs. Bots are all over the internet. They make up half of the traffic over the web! Many websites ask you to declare you are not one yourself before you can access certain web pages. You do this by … Read more

Machine Learning – Demystified

Machine learning

Applications of Machine Learning are all around us today:   Alexa, the Virtual Assistant from Amazon. Watson, the IBM computer that plays Jeopardy. Self Driving Cars from Tesla.  Google Maps software that can predict congestion.  Online Recommendation engines that suggest to the user what to browse or buy.  Advanced Medical Diagnostics.  Text-to-speech conversion Speech-to-text conversion. Translation … Read more

Recommendation Engines – An Overview

 What are Recommendation Engines? When you are looking for a product or service, you either go search for it or follow a recommendation made by someone who has used it. Very often when you are shopping at a store, a smart salesman would recommend stuff to you to help with your buying decision or to … Read more

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